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A Walk Among Tombstones
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I walked among you for a while
wandered on the greening ground
over father, mother, and child
listened but heard no sound
only a soft flutter of breeze
and a lone cardinal's song
looked up through the trees
at spring's budding throng.

How still you rest below
through every season of our lives
under golden leaves and snow
no longer husbands and wives
now all children of the light
no birthdays or family names
nor cloudy days nor stormy nights
nor bitter fights nor hateful claims.

Here family plots are bounded
monuments to people well known
but all by dirt and dust surrounded
a few short lines on a tombstone
to remember a woman or a man
perhaps a poem or scripture quote
when their lives ended and began
a jot of life for the living to note.

It is good to walk among the dead
remind me of mortality
that life's a precious thin thread
and a few moments of vitality
to pause and bow and honor those
whose cold bones rest quiet here
to stop and feel the softness of the rose
and give thanks for a life so dear.

"A Walk Among Tombstones" Copyright © 2015 by Glenn Currier
Posted April 18, 2015

What Might?

How can I sing of your might
how can I proclaim your height
you who are found in depth
in the quick and minute breadth
of a single second or cell
you who chooses to dwell
and grow in me so slowly
you so close to the lowly?

And yet I have known
the way my love has grown
for my lover in such a way
that I can safely say
over rugged terrain
through clear skies and rain
mighty the love of husband and wife
who through hurt and fear find life.

This might of love I can see
the kind that sets totally free
every moment of creation
from quiet or noise of gestation
to the final intake of breath
to whatever is beyond death
the might there in the dark of night
and in the dim dawning of light.

Your might is not in the force of power
but in thin folds of a flower
the kind it takes to give birth
or protect a child or the earth
to subdue the force of pride
put righteousness aside
the might in the wings of a dove
the might it takes to love.

"What Might? Copyright © 2015 by Glenn Currier


In this garden room filled with your quiet
I roam clouds and swim depths
breathe your peace, your humility,
you who is called mighty
I find as low as the soil
the slow sure growth
of the ivy
and the roots
oh here you are in the roots
of my darkness and virtue
doubt and joy.

I am comfortable here
and at peace
here in this living space
where you who are so immense
make yourself small enough
for me to be
my small true self
here in this humble space
I find

"Room," Copyright © 2015 by Glenn Currier

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